D6053-02 Taurus Notebook zodiac sign: Taurus- April 21 to May 21

€12,95 EUR

By Kalpa

Gift the Constellation with the Taurus Notebook

Looking for the perfect birthday gift? The Taurus Notebook is an elegant choice for individuals born under the Taurus constellation (April 21 to May 21). This addition to our zodiac notebooks collection captures the essence of Taurus, offering a stylish and practical space for all writing needs.

The notebook, with its dimensions of 190 x 135 x 15 mm, includes 96 pages of 80 grams, lined paper, ideal for writing and note-taking. The hard cover prominently features the Taurus constellation, adding a unique and astrological theme to its design. Its robust binding includes 20 stitchings per page, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. An additional feature is a reading ribbon in a coordinating color, enhancing its functionality and making it easier to keep track of your place.

The Taurus Notebook combines functionality with astrological charm, presenting the Bull constellation on its durable hard cover. Whether used for daily notes, journaling adventures, or sketching, the high-quality lined paper ensures a superior writing experience for both pen and fountain pen users.

Designed to last, each page is securely stitched, guaranteeing that your unique thoughts and ideas are preserved for years to come. The thoughtful addition of a matching reading ribbon not only complements the notebook's design but also keeps your place with ease, making it a convenient companion for everyday use.

With its chic design and practical features, the Taurus Notebook is more than just a writing tool; it's a celebration of the Taurus spirit, making it an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the zodiac. Embrace the steadfast energy of Taurus with this beautifully crafted notebook, a must-have for any zodiac enthusiast.


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