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Organizer Comparison Chart

A5 Personal Pocket
Organizer Width(mm) 195 145 125
Organizer Height(mm) 230 195 145
Paper Width(mm) 145 95 85
Paper Height(mm) 210 170 120
Default Refill Year 2024 2025 2024 2025 2024 2025
Optional Refill Year 2024 2025 2026 2024 2025 2026 2024 2025 2026
Default Refill Language English Dutch English Dutch English Dutch
Optional Refill Language English German French English German French English German French

Welcome to our Kalpa Organizer Collection Page, a showcase of the finest organizing tools designed to streamline your life. You can use Kalpa Organizer Planners for years.

Our collection features a diverse selection of sizes, including A5 Ring Binder Organizers (195x230mm), Personal Ring Binder Organizers (145x195mm), and Pocket Ring Binder Organizers (125x145mm), each tailored to suit your individual needs.

Each agenda organizer in our collection comes with free agenda refills for two years, a one week on two pages layout designed to help you stay on top of your tasks, appointments, and events. These durable organizers are eco-friendly and made for long-term use. Simply switch out the refill when needed and continue using the same organizer for years while minimizing waste, and you can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Kalpa Binders are crafted from high-quality, vegan, artificial leather, offering a luxurious feel and aesthetic appeal while keeping in line with our commitment to ethical practices. Each ring binder organizer also includes a range of practical features, such as navigational tabs, a transparent zip container for secure storage, a page separator to mark your pages quickly, and a handy address booklet to access your essential contacts quickly.

Our collection aims to provide you with more than just an organizing tool. The Kalpa Organizer Planners are your key to a more structured lifestyle, offering unrivalled flexibility in usage according to your evolving needs. Whether business planning, daily task management, or secure note-taking, our organizers adapt to your unique lifestyle.

Compatibility is at the heart of our design philosophy, and our agenda organizers are designed to be compatible with refills from Kalpa, Filofax, Succes, and many other well-known brands. This guarantees you will always have an array of options to choose from. Our ring binders also prioritize data security, with dedicated and secure compartments to store your sensitive information.

Discover the Kalpa Organizer Collection and elevate your organization game to new heights. Let us help you bring order, style, and efficiency to your life with our meticulously crafted organizers. Your journey to a more organized life starts here

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size should I pick for an organizer planner?

While A5 planners should preferred for the widest space for writing and taking notes, a Pocket organizer is the best option to carry your your planner easily in your bag. If you need something between, Personal agendas are the best option for you.

Should I pick a ring binder or a bonded agenda organizer?

If you want to use your planner for long years and to have flexibility with your organizer, ring binders are the most environmental-friendly solution and offers you to able to able change the year and content with new agenda refills.