6232-08 Notepaper Flower pattern for Pocket Organizer

  • Pocket Agenda Organizer Refills Contains 60 leaves (120 pages) for ample note-taking space.
  • Features colorful print paper for a visually appealing design.
  • Paper format measures 80x125 mm for a compact and portable size.
  • Has a hole distance of 19 mm between each of the 6 ring binders.
  • Made with 80 grams paper weight for durability and sturdiness.

By Kalpa

The Pocket Agenda Organizer Refills are the perfect solution for keeping your schedule organized and up-to-date.

Pocket Agenda Organizer Refills:

Compatible with popular brands like Kalpa Pocket Organizers, Succes, and Filofax, these refills consist of 60 leaves (120 pages) of high-quality paper.

Featuring a colourful print design, these refills come in a paper format of 80x125 mm, weighing 80 grams.

The distance between the holes is 19 mm - 19 mm - 19 mm - 19 mm - 19 mm, making them easy to insert into your existing organizer.

Whether you need to jot down a quick note or schedule an important meeting, these refills provide ample space to organise your daily tasks.

Upgrade your organizer with the Pocket Agenda Organizer Refills and easily stay on top of your busy schedule.


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 130

Breedte: 80