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Organizer Comparison Chart

A5 Personal Pocket
Width(mm) 195 145 125
Height(mm) 230 195 145
Paper Width(mm) 145 95 85
Paper Height(mm) 210 170 120
Default Refill Year 2024 2025 2024 2025 2024 2025
Optional Refill Year 2024 2025 2026 2024 2025 2026 2024 2025 2026
Default Refill Language English Dutch English Dutch English Dutch
Optional Refill Language English German French English German French English German French

Welcome to the Kalpa Pocket Organizers Collection Page, where compactness meets practicality. Discover a range of meticulously designed pocket organizers that are crafted to offer a perfect blend of portability and organization.

Our Pocket Agendas are carefully dimensioned at a handy size of 80x125mm, making them the perfect fit for your pocket or purse. Despite their compact size, these pocket agendas come packed with practical features, including free refills for two years, presented in a one week on two pages layout, allowing you to plan your weeks efficiently.

These Pocket Agenda Binders are a testament to our commitment to the environment. Designed for longevity, they ensure reduced waste by allowing you to replace the refill and continue using the same organizer for years.

Crafted from high-quality, vegan, artificial leather, our Pocket Planners exude an aesthetic appeal without compromising on ethical standards. They have valuable features, such as easy-to-use tabs, a transparent zip container for small essentials, a handy page separator, and an inclusive address booklet.

Our Pocket Ring Planners are not just about keeping your data tidy, they're about simplifying your life. The flexibility in usage these products offer is unparalleled, allowing them to adapt to your changing needs. Be it for managing daily tasks, planning events, or jotting down important notes, these pocket organizers are your go-to solution.

Designed with compatibility in mind, our Pocket Binder Organizers work seamlessly with refills from popular brands like Kalpa, Filofax, Succes, and many others, ensuring you always have options. Further, the security of your data is our priority, and our organizers reflect this commitment with secure storage options.

Dive into our collection of Pocket Organizers and experience the magic of a compact organization. With our Pocket Organizers, get ready to transform chaos into order and bring organization into your pocket!

Kalpa Agendas also have A5 Organziers and Personal Ring Binders.

You can use pocket agenda refills with our pocket agenda organizers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size should I pick for an organizer planner?

While A5 planners should preferred for the widest space for writing and taking notes, a Pocket organizer is the best option to carry your your planner easily in your bag. If you need something between, Personal agendas are the best option for you.

Should I pick a ring binder or a bonded agenda organizer?

If you want to use your planner for long years and to have flexibility with your organizer, ring binders are the most environmental-friendly solution and offers you to able to able change the year and content with new agenda refills.