D6040 Kalpa Dreams A5 Notebook Poem Extra tick Gold Trim

  • Dimensions: 145x210x40 mm
  • Pages: 208 sheets, 416 pages
  • Cover: Black artificial leather with a soft touch
  • Paper: Light cream color, 100gr/m2
  • Binding: Durable, with 20 stitchings per page for longevity

By Kalpa

Indulge in the Art of Writing with Kalpa Dreams A5 Poem Notebook

Discover the timeless beauty of the Kalpa Dreams A5 Notebook Poem Extra Thick Gold Trim, a vintage journal that combines the classic charm of a bygone era with the practicality of modern craftsmanship. This vintage journal is an ode to those who cherish the art of writing, drawing, and journaling, offering a luxurious canvas for your thoughts and visions.

The notebook is precisely crafted with dimensions of 145x210x40 mm and contains 208 sheets, equating to 416 pages, providing ample space for writing, journaling, or sketching. The cover is made from black artificial leather with a soft touch, offering both luxury and durability. Its light cream-colored pages are of a high quality, 100gr/m2, suitable for various writing instruments. It features a red bookmark and gold trim sides, adding an elegant, antique finish to its design. The binding is exceptionally durable, with 20 stitchings per page, ensuring longevity and resilience through frequent use.

The A5 notebook is encased in a black leather cover, setting the foundation for its antique design. The gold trim sides and the light cream-colored paper provide the final touches that elevate the notebook's retro aesthetic, making every writing session an experience of luxury and inspiration.

Constructed with durability in mind, the notebook is robust enough to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring that your unique ideas and drawings remain intact for years to come. Whether you're penning down your next great idea, sketching the world as you see it, or journaling your journey, this notebook is your faithful companion.

With its elegant design, the Kalpa Dreams A5 Notebook is versatile enough to serve as a journal, agenda, bullet journal, or sketchbook. The high-quality paper is compatible with pencil, ballpoint, and fountain pen, providing a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. The red bookmark adds a practical touch to the vintage aesthetic, allowing you to easily mark your place.

Feel the luxury from the moment you hold this notebook in your hands. Its tailored exterior, comfortable grip, and soft feel invite you to express yourself in style. Compact and portable, it is your ideal partner at the office, home, or on your travels, ensuring that inspiration is never far away.


Hoogte: 40

Lengte: 220

Breedte: 150