D6091 Black Paper Notebook

€12,95 EUR

By Kalpa

Creative Contrast: The Black Paper Notebook

Discover the allure of the Black Paper Notebook, a chic and versatile companion for artists, writers, and anyone with a creative streak. This black notebook stands out not just for its elegant design but for its unique black pages that offer a canvas for white ink, gel pens, or metallic markers, inviting a whole new realm of artistic expression.

The notebook measures 190 x 135 x 15 mm and contains 96 pages. It is designed with a hard cover for added protection and durability, featuring 20 stitchings per page to ensure long-lasting use. An additional feature includes a reading ribbon in a matching color, providing a convenient way to mark your place, enhancing both the notebook's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The notebook's hard cover provides a sturdy and sleek exterior, ensuring your notes and drawings are well-protected. Each page is firmly bound with 20 stitchings, promising longevity and resilience, making it a reliable accessory for both everyday use and special projects.

Equipped with a matching reading ribbon, this notebook is as practical as it is stylish. It's not just a notebook; it's a statement piece that complements your creative endeavors, ensuring that your sketches, notes, and ideas are recorded in a manner that reflects their originality and flair.

Whether you're doodling in the dark hues, journaling your thoughts in silver script, or planning with precision and contrast, the Black Paper Notebook is an ideal choice. It challenges the norm, encourages creativity, and transforms ordinary writing into an extraordinary experience.


Hoogte: 20

Lengte: 190

Breedte: 140