C255-24 Impressionism Calendar 2024

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Embrace the captivating beauty of Impressionism with this Spiral Bound Wall Calendar, featuring a stunning selection of some of the most iconic and unforgettable masterpieces from the genre.

This calendar offers a unique opportunity to admire these artistic treasures throughout the year.

In this Impressionism Calendar, you'll discover 12 remarkable paintings from history's most renowned Impressionist artists. Each artwork is accompanied by a brief description, offering insights into the scene depicted and the artist's technique.

Impressionism Calendar 2024 Features:

Late Afternoon, New York, Winter by Frederick Childe Hassam

A winter scene in New York City, with a warm glow from the setting sun casting long shadows across the snow-covered street.

The painting captures the peacefulness and quiet beauty of a late afternoon in the city during winter.

The Star, Edgar Degas

An elegant ballerina takes centre stage, gracefully performing under the soft glow of stage lights.

Landscape at Sevres, Alfred Sisley

A beautiful landscape scene featuring a peaceful river flowing through a lush green forest.

The Swing, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

A lovely painting of a woman seated on a swing, surrounded by a lush garden and delicate flowers.

Jeanne (Spring), Édouard Manet

A stunning portrait of a woman surrounded by colourful flowers evokes a springtime feeling.

The Quay at Bougival, Berthe Morisot

A tranquil riverside scene, capturing the peacefulness of a quiet day by the water.

Afternoon Tea, Richard Emile Miller

A charming painting of two women enjoying tea in a beautifully decorated room filled with elegant furniture.

Still Life with Peonies and Mock Orange, Camille Jacob Pissarro

A vibrant still-life painting featuring a bouquet of colourful peonies and mock orange flowers.

Rouen Cathedral: The Portal (Sunlight), Claude Monet

A breathtaking painting of the stunning Rouen Cathedral featuring vibrant colours and beautiful sunlight.

The Robe, Frederick Carl Frieseke

A beautiful portrait of a woman in a delicate white robe, surrounded by lush greenery and colourful flowers.

Landscape with a Sunlit Stream, Charles-François Daubigny

A peaceful landscape painting depicting a sunlit stream flowing through a lush green forest.

Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge, Mary Cassatt

A stunning portrait of a woman wearing a pearl necklace is captured in a theatre box's elegant setting.

Impressionism Calendar 2024 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 45 x 52cm
  • Calendar from January to December 2024
  • Printed on environmentally friendly FCS-certified paper.

Explore the world of Impressionism and appreciate the mastery of these talented artists through the Art Calendars collection, where each month reveals another treasure, inviting you to journey through time and experience the magic of this beloved artistic movement.


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 520

Breedte: 450



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