6200-10 A5 Writing pad ruled paper for A5 Organizer

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By Kalpa

A5 ruled writing pad for A5 Organizer

It can be used as a normal A5 writing pad, but it can also be used with an A5 organizer by loosening the leaves.

The paper is 4 mm less wide as the regular A5 paper for organizers. This paper is 140 x 210 mm instead of 144 x 210 mm.

Rules paper (with lines) with a distance of 7 mm between the horizontal lines.

Format: 140 x 210 mm.
Ring distance: 19 - 19 - 70 - 19 - 19 mm.
Paper: white paper - blue printing
Compatible with Succes and Filofax


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 210

Breedte: 150