1016-62 Clipbook A5 Organiser Gloss Croco Red

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By Kalpa

Gloss Croco A5 Size Refillable Agenda

This compact A5 agenda is only 26 mm thick.

The exclusive Kalpa agenda is 34% thinner than most of the A5 agendas, thanks to a new sleek design.

This agenda takes considerably less space in your bag and still has a large writing area.

The agenda opens completely flat, while a traditional agenda tends not to open completely.
This makes it much easier to note your agreements.

Gloss Croco Agenda Features

The agenda is 34% shorter than the traditional agendas.
The agenda is suitable for weekly based plan as there is 1 week per 2 pages in.
If you want to use the agenda with more details as 1 day per page, it is better to buy the Kalpa Model 1011 with a larger ring mechanism.
If you still want to use this agenda with 1 day per page, you can divide a year into parts and and keep the unused parts elsewhere till you need them.

The outside of the agenda is made of thin but shape-retaining material, instead of the traditional foam-filled agenda.

Outdoor measurement: 230 x 180 x 26 mm.
Dimensions of paper in compact A5 agenda: 210 x 145 mm.

1 week on 2 pages contains on the agenda

Compatible with Filofax and Success.

You can update the agenda with agenda refills products.

The agenda is designed as tabs with page separator, notepads and address booklet.

The Agenda contains space for personal data, calendars and planners for the recent and the next year.

Mentions many religious and (inter) national party and memorial days.

In addition to all the practical benefits, people just think it's a beautiful design.


Hoogte: 30

Lengte: 180

Breedte: 230


Kleur: rood

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