CA02-25 Writing Calendar 2025 Dogs 30 x 30 cm

€11,95 EUR €12,95


The Writing Calendar from January to December 2025

The Kalpa writing calendar features the most adorable dogs. Whether you have a canine companion at home or admire them from afar, you can't help but feel love for these delightful creatures. Dogs have a unique way of capturing our hearts with their loyalty and playful spirits.

Every dog has a unique personality that shines brightly when photographed. No two dogs are alike, and each has a story.

The expression of a dog can vary from one moment to the next, making each photograph an authentic representation of their character. Even when photographing the same dog on different occasions, each shot is distinctive and tells its tale.

The writing calendar is designed with a spiral binding and robust cardboard within the spiral, ensuring it hangs straight and remains intact, unlike other 30 x 30 calendars, which might easily tear.

With ample space for daily notes and specially designed stickers to mark significant events, you'll stay organized and on track all year round.

Environmentally conscious and responsible, the calendar is printed on FSC-certified paper, promising quality and sustainability. Size 30 x 30 cm.


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 300

Breedte: 300