C251-25 Alfons Mucha Calendar 2025 + free 2024 calendar

  • Dive into the mesmerizing world of Alfons Mucha's timeless masterpieces with the 2025 calendar. Featuring 12 captivating images carefully curated from the renowned artist's collection, this calendar promises a year filled with artistic inspiration and beauty.
  • MONTHLY OVERVIEW: Plan your month efficiently with a convenient one-page overview highlighting all the days at a glance.
  • The calendar measures 34 x 49 cm, making it an ideal size for decorating the walls of your home, school, or office space.
  • DECORATIVE APPEAL: Each month features a breathtaking image that is sure to please both your eyes and your soul, adding a touch of beauty to your surroundings.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: We prioritize nature by printing our calendars on eco-friendly FSC-certified paper, ensuring a sustainable choice for your calendar needs./li>

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Art Nouveau with our Classic Wall Calendar, highlighting a mesmerizing array of timeless masterpieces from the acclaimed artist, Alfons Mucha.

Delve into a year-long journey of artistic appreciation with this Classic Wall Calendar, offering an exclusive glimpse into the captivating world of Mucha's creations.

Within the pages of this Alfons Mucha Calendar, you'll uncover a curated selection of 12 extraordinary posters, portraits, and illustrations, showcasing the artist's most celebrated works.

Accompanying each artwork is a concise narrative, providing valuable insights into the piece's distinct style, thematic essence, and cultural significance.

Features of the Alfons Mucha Calendar 2025:

Poster for La Princess Lointaine with Sarah Bernhardt, 1904:

An enchanting portrayal of the renowned actress, Sarah Bernhardt, epitomizing Mucha's iconic decorative flair.

Portrait of Josephine Crane-Bradley as Slavia, 1908:

A breathtaking depiction of Josephine Crane-Bradley embodying the spirit of Slavia, symbolizing Mucha's mastery of Art Nouveau aesthetics.

Biscuits Lefèvre-Utile, 1897:

A visually stunning advertisement poster showcasing a graceful woman amidst blooming flora and the brand's signature biscuits.

Ivy, 1901:

A mesmerizing illustration capturing a woman adorned with a crown of ivy leaves, exemplifying Mucha's intricate attention to detail and organic motifs.

Monaco, Monte Carlo,1897:

An evocative poster highlighting the allure of Monte Carlo, featuring a graceful woman amidst swirling waves and seashells.

6th Sokol Festival, 1912:

A dynamic poster commemorating the Sokol Festival in Prague, portraying a vigorous, athletic woman in motion.

Poster for Regional Exhibition at Ivančice, 1913:

A decorative artwork promoting a regional exhibition, presenting a radiant woman holding a blossoming branch, showcasing Mucha's meticulous craftsmanship.

Cycles Perfecta, 1897:

A captivating advertisement poster for Cycles Perfecta bicycles, featuring a stunning woman amidst vibrant flowers.

Bières de La Meuse, 1897:

A decorative poster for Bières de La Meuse beer, portraying a graceful woman enjoying a glass of beer amidst floral splendor.

Poster for the 10th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, 1928:

A vibrant tribute to Czechoslovakia's independence, depicting a resolute woman proudly holding the national flag.

Job cigarette papers, 1900:

A decorative poster for Job cigarette papers, showcasing a beautiful woman surrounded by blossoms, emblematic of Mucha's organic design style.

Princess Hyacinth, 1911:

A captivating poster featuring Princess Hyacinth, exemplifying Mucha's meticulous attention to detail and ornamental motifs.

Specifications of the Alfons Mucha Calendar 2025:

  • Dimensions: 33.4 x 48.5cm
  • Calendar spans from January to December 2025
  • Printed on environmentally friendly FSC-certified paper.

Embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of Art Nouveau with our Art Calendars collection, each month unveiling a new treasure by Alfons Mucha, inviting you to immerse yourself in the timeless magic of this beloved artistic movement.


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