7205-01 A5 Cardboard organizer with 60 sheet sketch paper (a bit rust on the ringbinder!) + 12 transparent sheets

By Kalpa

Introducing the perfect solution for organizing your A5 planner contents - our Compact Storage Organizer. Crafted from sturdy cardboard and equipped with a reliable metal ring mechanism, this organizer is designed to neatly store all your A5 organizer's old contents.

Features of the Compact Storage Organizer

The Compact Storage Organizer features a convenient elastic closure to keep your contents secure, along with 60 sheets of A5 refill sketch paper and 12 transparent sheets for enhanced creative and organizational flexibility.

Measuring 30mm in height, 230mm in length, and 180mm in width, its compact and space-efficient design makes it an excellent addition to any A5 organizer or storage folder.

Whether you're an artist, a student, or a professional, the sketch book refills in this organizer make it a versatile tool for everyone. Its compact design ensures it fits easily on any shelf or in any drawer, making it a must-have for anyone looking to keep their A5 planner contents organized and protected.


Hoogte: 30

Lengte: 230

Breedte: 180