D5052-1 A4 Sketch Book Wonderful 36 x 25 cm 50 p

€6,95 EUR

By Kalpa

Discover the Spacious A4 Sketch Book

Introducing the A4 Sketch Book Wonderful, an exceptional creation by Kalpa designed for artists and creatives seeking ample room for their artistic expressions. This sketch pad is not just a book; it's a vast landscape for your sketches, illustrations, and artworks.

The sketchbook features dimensions of 36 x 25 x 1 cm, with a total of 50 blanco pages, providing a blank canvas for various artistic creations. It weighs 644 grams, indicating a solid and durable design that's still portable. The pages are designed for versatility, accommodating different mediums. Its user-friendly spiral binding allows for easy page turning and lays flat for a more accessible drawing or writing experience.

Every sketch book is meticulously crafted to offer you the freedom to explore your creativity without constraints. The generous size of 36 x 25 cm per page provides a perfect canvas for both detailed drawings and broad brushstrokes, accommodating all your artistic needs.

The durable hard cover and convenient spiral binding ensure that your artwork remains intact and easily accessible, whether you're working in your studio or capturing the world outside. These features make it an indispensable tool for artists of all calibers.

With 50 blanco pages at your disposal, you have ample space to let your imagination roam free, experimenting with different techniques and mediums. The high-quality paper complements your creativity, allowing every color and line to stand out vividly.

Embrace the endless possibilities offered by the A4 Sketch Book from Kalpa. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting on your creative journey, this sketch book is designed to inspire and accommodate your every artistic endeavor. Order now and transform your ideas into masterpieces.


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