6321-25 Senior Agenda Filler Paper Daily NL + Appendices 2025

  • The Senior Agenda Filler Paper is specifically designed for the year 2023, with a calendar year format of 150 x 95 mm.
  • The ring distance is 19 - 19 - 38 - 19 - 19 mm, providing ample space for easy organization and navigation.
  • The paper used is white with blue printing, providing clear and easy-to-read text.
  • The diary refill includes 360 pages, with a 1 day per page layout.
  • The time format is 8:00 - 18:00, making it perfect for seniors with a busy schedule. The diary also includes an annual planner for 2025 and 2026 and is available in Dutch. It also comes with additional features such as a transparent page separator, 5 blue plastic tabs and an address set for added convenience.

By Kalpa

The Senior Agenda Filler Paper for the calendar year 2025 is now available in a compact 150 x 95 mm format.

With a ring distance of 19-19-38-19-19 mm, this filler paper is compatible with Succes and Filofax organizers.

The paper is white with blue printing and includes 360 pages, each featuring a one-day-per-page volume layout with a time format of 8:00-18:00.

Additionally, the annual planner for 2025 and 2026 is included, making it easy to keep track of important dates and appointments.

This Agenda Filler Paper is available in Dutch and is perfect for seniors who value staying organized and efficient.

Senior Agenda Filler Paper Includes:

Transparent Page Separator
Five blue plastic tabs
Address Set


Hoogte: 18

Lengte: 175

Breedte: 105


Kleur: White