1111-64 Personal Agenda Binder Taupe

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Personal Agenda Binder Taupe Features:

  • FLEXIBLE: You can easily arrange the way of your usage according to your needs.
  • SECURE: All your personal data is protected. In a digital environment, your data could easily be leaked, but paper is safe.
  • WELL-ORGANIZED: On a week per 2 pages layout, you could easily plan your week at one sight.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: The high-quality organizer could be used for many years by only changing the refill according to the year.
  • COMPATIBLE: The organizer is compatible with Filofax, Succes and many other brands' organizer refills.

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By Kalpa

Kalpa introduces our Personal Agenda Binder - the ultimate tool for organizing your life!

With a top-class magnetic clip, you can securely keep all your cards and papers in place.

Plus, there's a reserved spot for your trusty pen, always at arm's reach.

The agenda is made of artificial leather and has no animal materials.

Personal Agenda Binder Taupe Features:

Our Personal Agenda Binder is fully compatible with Succes and Filofax, so you can seamlessly integrate it into your planning system. And with an exterior size of 195x125x40mm, it's perfectly sized to carry wherever you go.

Inside, you'll find pages designed explicitly for the Agenda Binder Refills, measuring 170x95mm. The Agenda Binder is a one-week layout on two pages, so you can easily plan your entire week at a glance.

Our Personal Agenda Binder is thoughtfully organized with tabs, a transparent zip, a page separator, and an address booklet. Plus, there's room for your calendar, planner, and personal data for the recent and upcoming years. And with our multi-year Personal Agenda Binder Refills, you can keep using our Binder year after year.

We understand the importance of keeping track of important dates, so our Binder mentions many significant religious, national, international, and memorial days.

Our Binder is now known internationally as the "Personal" size, previously known as the "standard" size.

Take control of your life and stay organized with our Personal Agenda Binder.


Hoogte: 40

Lengte: 180

Breedte: 140


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