1111-79 Personal Ring Binder Organizer Flower of the Fallen City

Personal Ring Binder Organizer Flower of the Fallen City Features:

  • FLEXIBLE: You can easily arrange the way of your usage according to your needs.
  • SECURE: All your personal data is protected. In a digital environment, your data could easily be leaked, but paper is safe.
  • WELL-ORGANIZED: On a week per 2 pages layout, you could easily plan your week at one sight.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: The high-quality organizer could be used for many years by only changing the refill according to the year.
  • COMPATIBLE: The organizer is compatible with Filofax, Succes and many other brands' organizer refills.

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By Kalpa

Fallen City Personal Ring Binder Organizer

We are introducing the ultimate organization solution: the Personal Ring Binder Organizer!

This high-quality organizer is perfect for keeping track of your busy schedule while providing ample space for essential cards and papers.

Designed to be fully compatible with both Succes and Filofax systems, this organizer is versatile and easy to use. And at 195x125x40mm, it's the perfect size to take wherever you go.

The Personal Ring Binder Organizer is made of artificial leather and has no animal materials.

Personal Ring Binder Organizer Flower of the Fallen City Features:

With its helpful magnetic clip, your belongings will stay securely in place while on the go.

Inside, you'll find many features that make organizing a breeze. The left and right sides of the organizer provide plenty of room for cards and papers, while the dedicated space for a pen ensures you'll always be able to jot down important notes.

The Ring Binder Organizer also contains tabs, a transparent zip, a page separator, and an address booklet. And with one week on two pages of Personal Ring Binder Organizer Refills, you'll have plenty of space to write down your daily schedule and to-do list.

But that's not all - this Personal Ring Binder Organizer also contains space for personal data, calendars, and planners for the upcoming year.

This organizer mentions many important religious, national, international, and memorial days, so you'll never miss an important event again.

And if you're wondering about sizing, the Ring Binder Organizer has a paper size of 170x95mm and was formerly known as the "standard" size before being replaced by the international "Personal" name.

Stay organized and on top of your busy schedule with the Personal Ring Binder Organizer - the ultimate organizational tool!


Hoogte: 40

Lengte: 180

Breedte: 140


Kleur: beige