7015-Red Kalpa A5 Red Notebook

€4,45 EUR
  • Thanks to its hardcover, the red notebook can’t be damaged easily.
  • Environmental-friendly 80 gsm high-quality lined paper is used.
  • The notebook is firmly bound; each page is fixed with 13 stitchings.
  • There is a linen-finished insert compartment at the back.
  • The notebook can be used at school, at the office or for journaling.

By Kalpa

A5 Red Notebook is a luxury touch by the Dutch brand Kalpa.

You can use the A5 notebook for multiple purposes, such as taking notes at school, journaling, and daily reminders for business.

You will feel the quality of the notebook whenever you take it into your hands with its cover, paper, stitchings and linen-finished insert compartment.

A5 Red Notebook Features:

  • 150x220x20 mm
  • Lined paper.
  • The paper is 80gr/m2.
  • Each page is fixed with 13 stitching.
  • Hardcover.


Hoogte: 20

Lengte: 220

Breedte: 150