6627-10 Health Tracker-Dolphin-bound

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  • Stay on track with your health goals - This bound dolphin health tracker helps you plan your food and fitness routine, making it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Start anytime, skip weeks, and achieve better results.
  • Comprehensive and versatile planner - Includes monthly fitness tracker, weekly eating and fitness planner, travel planner, and bullet journal. Keep track of your progress, set goals, and make healthy choices effortlessly.
  • Write comfortably with marker-friendly paper - Printed on 120gsm paper, allowing you to write with markers without any bleed-through, ensuring a neat and organized planner.
  • Enjoy the benefits of paper tracking - Numerous studies show that writing down your diet and fitness routine enhances effectiveness. Stay focused, achieve better results, and live a healthier life with this dolphin health tracker.
  • Organize and optimize your vacations - The included travel planner helps you prepare and maximize your vacation experience. Plan your budget, make packing lists, note attractions and restaurants, and make the most of your time away.

By Kalpa

With this handy bound dolphin health tracker from Kalpa you keep your health up to date in an easy and fun way. You can plan your food and fitness routine every week and monthly and thus work well on your health.
The planner is printed on 120 grams paper, so that you can easily write with markers, without this pressing on the back of the page.

The planner consists of:
- 12 pages full color user manual
- 1 page Cover sheet
- 24 pages monthly fitness tracker for 12 months
- 104 pages weekly Eating & Fitness Planner for 52 weeks
- 12 pages of encore travel planner to organize 3 trips
- 24 pages Bullet Journal.

We have made the planner undated, so that you can start at any time of the year. You can also sometimes skip for a few weeks, and just continue when you are ready.

You can get started right away with the planner and see how easy it is to use.

Explanation Meal & Fitness Planner

Countless studies show that a diet or fitness routine is two to four times as effective if you keep a diary of your food intake and lifestyle.

Health apps are handy. But if you write it yourself on paper, it is easier to stay on course and achieve better results and a healthier life.

The dolphin food and fitness planner has everything you need to follow your health and food. You don't have to pay attention to every detail, only what is needed for you.

The monthly planner starts with a few measurements:

Make a note of your diet and fitness routine here:

Goals and tips:

The monthly fitness tracker with your most important daily key figures;
Exercises - Meal - Water intake - Weight

In the weekly planner you can follow your food intake in detail.

If you want to follow the calories per meal, there is enough space to note this. Every day has room for three meals and three snack moments. Food less, but at regular intervals helps you to lose weight healthily.

In the fitness box you summarize what you do about movement.

The lower part of the page helps you buy healthy products and prepare your meals.

Make life fun and healthy with the Dolphin Health Tracker.

Kalpa travel planner

Holidays are fun. With the dolphin vacation planner, the fun already starts with your preparation and you ensure that you get the most out of your vacations.

The vacation planner consists of 2 pages. Of course you start with the destination, the days that you travel and the dates. If you are not sure, use a pencil so that you can easily utter it again.

Holidays are often more expensive than planned. With a balanced budget you will not have unexpected disappointments

The Dolphin Planner divides your expenses in three parts; General, food and drink and entertainment. Usually most of the expenditure goes to General, since the journey and the hotel are included.

In addition to the budget column, there is an extra column for your actual expenses. Not everyone will want to use this column, since not everyone wants to do "accounting" at their vacations.

Most people who go unexpectedly at the last minute sometimes forget a few things. If you make a list of things you want to take with you, it is a lot easier to check everything out while you grab your things. You can then leave relaxed to your vacation, without having to buy supplies at the destination for a higher price and a brand that you don't know.

The lower part of the right page is especially for fun things. You can make a list of things you want to do or visit. Then there are restaurants where you want to go. And there is a handy place for the local apps. Many attractions have their own apps and local apps. Depending on your interests, there are thousands of apps available that help you get the most out of your vacation.

On the back there are two pages with bullet points to make extra notes. If you only want to take your vacation planner with you, just remove it from your planner and leave the rest of your planner at home.


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