D6032 A4 Kalpa Dreams Vintage Notebook Goldtrim Black

  • Dimensions: 210x290x25 mm
  • Page Count: 130 sheets, 260 pages
  • Cover: Black artificial leather with a soft touch
  • Paper: 100gr/m2 light cream color, ideal for all writing instruments
  • Special Features: A red bookmark for easy navigation, gold trim sides for an elegant finish

By Kalpa

Refined Creativity: The A4 Kalpa Dreams Vintage Notebook

Introducing the A4 Kalpa Dreams Vintage Notebook Goldtrim Black, an embodiment of elegance and timeless design. This vintage leather journal combines the sophistication of a black leather cover with the classic charm of gold trim sides, creating a perfect sanctuary for your thoughts, ideas, and art.

The notebook, with dimensions of 210x290x25 mm and containing 130 sheets or 260 pages, is covered in black artificial leather that offers a soft touch. Its pages are of 100gr/m2 light cream color paper, making it suitable for all writing instruments. Special features include a red bookmark for easy navigation through the notebook and gold trim sides that add an elegant finish to its design.

The notebook's antique design is accentuated by its vintage aesthetics, highlighted by a black leather cover and complemented by light cream paper and exquisite gold trim sides. Each detail contributes to the retro feel, making every writing session a luxurious experience.

Constructed with durability in mind, the notebook ensures that your memos, sketches, and writings are securely kept, ready to inspire you and others for years to come. The robust binding, reinforced by 20 stitches per page, guarantees that each entry remains intact, preserving the essence of your creativity.

Whether you're documenting life's moments, penning down poems, or sketching landscapes, the high-quality paper provides a smooth and pleasing writing experience. The compact A4 size ensures that your notebook is an ever-present companion, ideal for capturing inspiration on-the-go or during tranquil moments at home.

With its blend of nostalgic design and modern craftsmanship, the A4 Kalpa Dreams Vintage Notebook Goldtrim Black is more than just a notebook—it's a companion for life's adventures. Its elegant design and durable construction make it a natural playground for creative minds, embodying the perfect marriage of form and function.


Hoogte: 25

Lengte: 290

Breedte: 210



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