D6030 Kalpa Dreams A4 Vintage Leather Journal Extra Tick Gold Trim

  • Dimensions: 210x290x40 mm
  • Page Count: 208 sheets, 416 pages
  • Cover: Black artificial leather with a soft texture
  • Paper: 100gr/m2 light cream color for an exquisite writing experience
  • Features: A red bookmark for easy reference, gold trim sides for an antique look

By Kalpa

Embrace Elegance: The Kalpa Dreams A4 Vintage Leather Journal

Introducing the Kalpa Dreams A4 Vintage Leather Journal Extra Thick Gold Trim, a testament to timeless design and enduring quality. This vintage notebook merges the luxury of black artificial leather with the refinement of gold trim sides, offering a sophisticated canvas for writers, artists, and planners alike.

The notebook measures 210x290x40 mm and includes 208 sheets or 416 pages, enveloped in black artificial leather with a soft texture. The light cream color paper, weighing 100gr/m2, is designed for an exquisite writing experience. It features a red bookmark for easy reference and gold trim sides that provide an antique look, blending functionality with classic elegance.

The notebook's antique charm is rooted in its vintage design, highlighted by a black leather cover and complemented by light cream paper and elegant gold trim sides. Each detail contributes to the retro aesthetic, making every writing session a journey back in time.

Firmly bound with 20 stitches per page, the journal ensures that your ideas, sketches, and writings are securely kept, ready to inspire you and others for years to come. The robust construction is matched by the notebook's versatile functionality, serving equally well as a journal, agenda, bullet journal, or sketchbook.

Whether you're recording daily reflections, sketching the world around you, or planning your next adventure, the high-quality paper supports a range of writing instruments, from pencils to fountain pens. The compact A4 size ensures that your notebook is an ever-present companion, ideal for capturing inspiration on-the-go or during tranquil moments at home.

With its blend of nostalgic design and modern craftsmanship, the Kalpa Dreams A4 Vintage Leather Journal Gold Trim is more than just a notebook—it's a companion for life's journey, encapsulating your most precious memories, ideas, and dreams in timeless style.


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Lengte: 295

Breedte: 220