6221-23-24 Senior Agenda Organizer Inserts Daily NL 2023 2024

€22,95 EUR

Senior Agenda Organizer Inserts Top Specifications:

  • PAGE LAYOUT: You can organize your days easily at one day per page layout.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: Competitive price due to 2 years set.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Succes and Filofax.
  • FORMAT: Senior Size, 95x150 mm.
  • NUMBER of PAGES: 720

By Kalpa

Introducing the Kalpa Senior Agenda Organizer Inserts - the perfect tool to help you stay on top of your busy schedule!

These inserts are designed for seniors and are available in a compact size, making them easy to carry around.

Senior Agenda Organizer Inserts Specifications

Senior Agenda Organizer Insert Year: 2023 & 2024

Dimensions: 95x150 mm

Ring Distance (mm): 19 - 19 - 38 - 19 - 19

White Paper, Blueprinting

Number of Pages: 720

Page Layout: 1 day per page

Time Format: 08.00 - 18:00

Calendar: 2023 - 2024 - 2025

Language: Dutch

The Kalpa Senior Agenda Organizer Inserts are compatible with popular brands such as Succes and Filofax senior agenda organizers.


Hoogte: 32

Lengte: 150

Breedte: 95


Kleur: White