C147-24 Romantic Calendar 2024

  • ROMANTIC CALENDAR 2024: Enjoy 12 images of dreamy locations and intimate moments from some of the most charming destinations worldwide.
  • MONTHLY OVERVIEW: Overview the days of a month on one page and organize your month.
  • DIMENSIONS: 31.5 x 45cm, which would fit the wall of your home, school or office.
  • DECORATIVE: A stunning monthly image that will satisfy your eyes and soul.
  • ENVIROMENT-FRIENDLY: We care about nature. Our calendars are printed on eco-friendly FSC-certified paper.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of romance with this captivating Romantic Calendar, featuring an alluring collection of dreamy locations and intimate moments from some of the most charming destinations worldwide.

This photo wall calendar is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of love and desire to add a touch of passion to their daily lives.

Romantic Calendar 2024 Features:

Narrow Alley in a Village in France

Wander the cobbled streets of a quaint French village, where narrow alleys evoke a sense of timeless romance and charm.

Ciciliano Beautiful Town in Lazio, Italy

Explore the picturesque beauty of Siciliano, a delightful town nestled in the enchanting Lazio region of Italy, brimming with history and romance.

Romantic Dinner in Italy, Venice

Experience an unforgettable romantic dinner in the magical city of Venice, where love and enchantment fill the air.

Romantic Vacation to Saint Paul de Vence, France

Embark on a romantic journey to Saint Paul de Vence, a charming French village that promises to capture your heart and imagination.

Romantic Dinner in a Landscaped Backyard Patio Garden, France

Savour the warm intimacy of a romantic dinner in a beautifully landscaped backyard patio garden in France, where love blossoms beneath the stars.

Romantic Street View on the Cote D'Azur

Discover the allure of the Cote D'Azur, where romantic street views and breathtaking vistas beckon lovers worldwide.

Historic Water Well in the Square of the Village, France

Uncover the rustic charm of a historic water well in a quaint French village square, where romance and history intertwine.

Romantic Street in London to Rye Ride

Stroll down a romantic London street en route to Rye Ride, experiencing the captivating atmosphere of love and adventure that fills the air.

Romantic Calendar 2024 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 45cm
  • Calendar from January to December 2024
  • Printed on environmentally friendly FCS-certified paper.

These City Calendars are an irresistible invitation to explore the many facets of romance, each month unveiling a new romantic scene to cherish and inspire.

From enchanting streets to intimate dinners, the Romantic Calendar provides the perfect backdrop for love to flourish.

Order your Romantic Calendar today, and let the magic of romance sweep you off your feet throughout the year!


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 450

Breedte: 320



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