JPS-24 Pornstar Calendar Art Photography 2024

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Pornstars Calendar 2024 Features:

  • This striking wall calendar for sexy women measures 31.5 x 45 cm and highlights a diverse array of women, each with unique and enticing charm.
  • Each month, uncover a breathtaking photograph showcasing one of 12 carefully selected, stunning women who emanate sensuality, poise, and self-assurance.
  • Consciously printed on eco-friendly paper, you can appreciate the vivid, full-colour images knowing that your choice is environmentally responsible.
  • Immerse yourself in the allure of the 2024 Pornstars Calendar, an enchanting blend of sophistication and charm that brings a touch of glamour to your everyday life.
  • The 2024 Pornstars Calendar is an exceptional gift for you or a loved one, crafted to inspire and captivate with a perfect balance of refinement, seductive allure, and stunning physicality.

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A few years ago, I received a commission from an Adult Content Production Corporation to photograph 23 internationally renowned female porn stars elegantly for DVD covers and promote X-rated movies. This was the starting point for one of my most intriguing and beautiful projects in erotic photography. The results of this assignment, along with many supplemental porn star photoshoots since then, can now be found in the PORNSTARS Calendar, published annually since 2022.

The initial photoshoots occurred abroad, in the Czech Republic (around Prague) and in Hungary (near Budapest). The chosen locations included a 5-star hotel, a castle, and a penthouse apartment, setting the stage for diverse photoshoots. After this project, I continued photographing many more porn stars in my studio in the following years. While this project started for me as a commission, with models booked by specialized agencies, it's now common for budding porn actresses to apply to me for a spot in the PORNSTAR Calendar 2024, hoping it will boost their public profile and further their careers.

The porn stars were, without exception, surprisingly natural and admittedly very likable. Naturally seductive – of course, it's their job. While other models might occasionally act haughty or unprofessional, I never experienced that with porn stars. They were either highly professional or, if newcomers, almost shy when arriving on set and unfamiliar with the process. There were significant language barriers during the photoshoots in the Czech Republic and Hungary since most of them didn't speak English, and I didn't speak Czech or Hungarian. However, any communication challenges were met with a smile. Surprisingly, this pleasant form of communication worked well during the shoots, aided by hand signals and body language.

While this might sound like a fantastic photographic adventure, it was also hard work. Each day, I shot photos of 3-4 of the girls. By the afternoon of the first day, my assistant and I could hardly recall who had posed for us in the morning. I couldn't remember the stage names of the porn stars, and unlike regular photoshoots where you review and edit the pictures shortly after taking them, my workflow for the porn star shoots was entirely different. It felt almost like assembly line work. After a session, I'd quickly triple-backup the memory cards (without reviewing and editing) before moving on to the next model. Any photographer will know what I mean: there was no time to relax and assess the results from each shoot because the next model was already waiting. My goal was for the photos not to all look the same, so during the brief breaks, I'd often relocate with all my lighting equipment to a different room. As a result, I became exceptionally quick and efficient at setting up and breaking down my flash setup. It was a hectic process, and only in the evenings, while having dinner with the production team, could I relax and enjoy the meal and the amusing stories from the porn industry.

The assignment to photograph 23 porn stars in the Czech Republic and Hungary culminated in 8 days of shooting, resulting in a staggering sum of over 26,000 photographs. I can't recall how many weeks it took me to review, select, and edit these images. Even today, as I revisit the results, I keep discovering pictures worthy of showcasing in the calendar. Alongside new photoshoots, the project remains intriguing and relevant for the years to come.

The PORNSTAR Calendar 2024, despite its name, isn't typical adult content. While I captured the actresses in audacious poses, the results are akin to high-quality SEXY GIRLS images found in magazines like Playboy and other high-end glossies: lovely young models in sultry poses, looking appealing and lightly clothed (if at all), all illuminated artistically, thoughtfully composed, and flawlessly captured. Unlike many other calendars on this subject, these images stand out – not as crude or vulgar, but as naturally beautiful, elegantly seductive, and desirable beyond just one night. The PORNSTARS Calendar, therefore, is a premium product with artistically rendered content aimed at both men and women. It's genuinely presentable. Those who hang it up don't need to hide it – even when the in-laws visit. 😉

Jens Brüggemann, July 2023

Pornstar Calendar 2024

  • 14 pages
  • 14 different designs
  • 13 months (January 2024 to January 2025)
  • 29.7 cm x 42 cm
  • Wire-O Binding
  • 170g/sqm paper
  • High-quality print
  • Uncensored


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