1318-98 Pocket Organiser with zip Pica Purple

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By Kalpa

Handy pocket organizer with zipper all around, including removable wristband.
On the outside and the inside there are 2 extra zipper boxes for change, keys, etc.
There is room for 6 (credit) cards and a pen.
On the left side is a box for, for example, a smartphone.
Maximum dimensions smartphone is 145 x 75 mm.
The box has been used in such a way that the ring mechanism cannot damage the phone.
The ring mechanism, of high quality, is compatible with success and pocket from Filofax.

Outdoor measurement Organizer: 175 x 130 x 30 mm.
Dimensions of paper in pocket agenda: 125 x 80 mm.

This organizer is delivered incl. Dutch -language agenda of 1 week on 2 pages.
The organizer is equipped with tabs, page separator, notepads and address booklet.
The pocket ring binder contains room for personal data, calendars and planners for walking and next year.
Moreover, the individual days mention many religious and (inter) national party and memorial days.

With a 160 pages notepad. Each leaf is to the size of the organizer with 6 holes. You can easily keep your notes of the notepad in your organizer.


Hoogte: 40

Lengte: 180

Breedte: 140


Kleur: roze