1311-77 Pocket Agenda Organiser Flower Power

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By Kalpa

Flower Power Pocket Agenda

Top class magnetic clip.

Contains a room for a pen under the closing clip

There is room for cards and paper container on the left and right side of the agenda.

The high-quality ring mechanism is compatible with Success and Filofax.

You can easily keep your notes in your Pocket Agenda.

Pocket Agenda Flower Power Features:

* Exterior size of the Agenda: 145 x 120 x 35 mm.
• Paper dimensions for Pocket Agenda: 125 x 80 mm.
* The agenda comes with a multi-year Pocket Agenda Refill.
* There is 1 week on 2 pages on the Flower Power Agenda.
* The Agenda is equipped with tabs, transparent zip, page separator, notepads and address booklet.
* The Agenda contains space for personal data, calendars and planners for the existing and upcoming year.
* The Flower Power Agenda contains 160 pages.
* Each leaf of the Agenda arrives with 6 holes.
* Mentions many important religious, national, international and memorial days.

In the past this size was called agenda "junior". This has been replaced by the international name "Pocket".


Hoogte: 30

Lengte: 150

Breedte: 120


Kleur: multicolor