1311-67 Pocket Ring Binder Agenda Croco Cobalt

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By Kalpa

Croco Cobalt Pocket Ring Binder Agenda

Top class magnetic clip.

A room for a pen is reserved.

There is room for cards and paper containers on the left and right sides of the Pocket Ring Binder Agenda Croco Cobalt.

The top-class ring mechanism is compatible with Succes and Filofax.

Carry your daily notes on your Pocket Ring Binder Agenda.

Pocket Ring Binder Agenda Croco Cobalt Features:

Introducing the perfect companion for outdoor adventures - the Pocket Ring Binder Agenda! Measuring 145 x 120 x 35 mm, this agenda is compact and convenient wherever you go. The dimensions of the paper in the Pocket Ring Binder Agenda are 125 x 80 mm, making it easy to write and read essential notes and reminders.

With your purchase, you'll receive free Pocket Ring Binder Agenda Refills to ensure that you can keep track of your schedule all year round. The Croco Cobalt Pocket Ring Binder Agenda Refill is delivered in just one week on two pages, allowing you to plan efficiently without delay.

The Pocket Ring Binder Agenda is thoughtfully designed to keep you organized with tabs, a transparent zip, a page separator, notepads, and an address booklet. It also has ample space for your calendar, planner, and personal data usage for the recent and upcoming years. With 160 pages, you'll have plenty of room to jot down all your important tasks and events.

Each Pocket Ring Binder Agenda paper has six holes, making it easy to organize and store. Additionally, this agenda mentions many important religious, national, international, and memorial days, keeping you updated.

Please note this site was previously called Pocket Ring Binder Agenda "junior," but it has now been replaced by the international name "Pocket." Invest in the Pocket Ring Binder Agenda today and experience the convenience of having your schedule organized and with you at all times!



Hoogte: 30

Lengte: 150

Breedte: 120


Kleur: blauw

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