Onl31313 Multifunctional pen cork in bamboo box

€29,99 EUR

It has been scientifically proven: if you write by hand, more is entrusted to the paper than with the keyboard and you develop more creative ideas. Designers scribble their first designs on paper, to perfect them later on the screen. Or they stay in the handmade phase and put new trents such as "Sketch Noting" and "Lettering". This new multifunctional pen, available with 3 types of wood on the grip, makes it possible to use in line with these trends colors for writing.

With 3 standard D1 fillings in black, blue and red, plus a 0.7mm filling pencil (HB). The eraser is ready under the button. To complete it as a gift, this high -quality multifunctional pen is packed in a bamboo box.

A pen of guaranteed online quality from Germany.


Hoogte: 30

Lengte: 170

Breedte: 60



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