C276-23 Calendar handsome men 2023

C276-22 Kalpa wall calendar 2022 Handsome men

Looking for perfect and subtle black and white photos with a variety of enchanting, sexy and hot men in poses to stimulate your imagination with their breathtaking looks?

Wow! It is all you are able to say in the beautiful monthly light of these healthy, seductive men of your dreams, when you sleep or when you are awake.

They say that a cup of fresh cup of coffee can do wonders for a girl who wakes up in the early morning, but how about a sexy hunk from a man to drink that coffee?

Wait with circling with lipstick - after seeing our 2022 calendar you could just kiss any of these sexy men! Another man for every month to generate your appetite and keep it going during those long days!

Every day a nice start with this Kalpa wall calendar 2022 on the wall. . . But make sure you are not too late for your appointment.

Size: 45 x 52 cm.

This calendar is printed or environmentally friendly FSC paper.


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 520

Breedte: 450



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