C273-23-24-25 Calendar Exclusive Girls 2023 + Girls Unlimited 2024 + 2025

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This is a package of 2 calendars:
Exclusive Girls 2023
Girls Unlimited 2024, 2025

Exclusive girls calendar from January to December 2023, size: 34 x 48.5 cm.

This exciting calendar collection with some of the most beautiful and refined women whose photographer Julia Skalozub shows the female breasts with sensual nipples.

Julia Skalozub was born in Praag in 1988, where she still lives. Her work can be followed on her Facebook page http://lionsmag.com/julia-skalozub/. Ms. Skalozub is looking for the most attractive women worldwide for her portfolio of excellent beauty in the female form. Her work is praised by magazines such as L'Alitiel, GQ, Wedding, FHM, Playboy, XXL, Fotovideo, Better Magazine, Volo and others.

Julia's work can be seen in the Permanent Collective of Galleries in USA, Russia, Cyprus, Portugal, Germany and Ukraine. Her favorite topics of photography are nude, light and shadow effect emotion, freedom and passion.

You will not get fast enough of these attractive little concealing models.

This calendar is printed or environmentally friendly FSC paper.

Option: Promotional calendars with your name:
You can order calendars from us with your own advertising print. The print is an advertising strip of 7 cm high and 45 cm wide under the calendar.

The prices with print are according to the next scale:
40 -75 pieces: free

75 - 100 pieces: 10% discount

100 +: 20% discount

The delivery time for calendars with print is a maximum of 6 weeks after the artwork delivery.

We need artwork in PDF in 300 DPI with in size 450 x 70 mm with a white background. With a color gradient, 3 mm cutmarge is added.

We can of course help you put together the artwork.

CutePinUps Girls Unlimited Calendar 2024 2025

Kalpa proudly announces that the CutePinUps Girls Unlimited Calendar is designed, printed and finished in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Part of the Girls Unlimited Calendar's turnover will be donated to support Robotics education for war orphans in Kyiv, Ukraine.

500 free pieces of the Girls Unlimited Calendar are already delivered to the Ukrainian Army.


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 490

Breedte: 340