C140-23 Calendar 2023 Nature Emotions 32 x 45 cm

€10,95 EUR

Pragent nature calendar with a unique expression of how beautiful our planet can be every month:

Geothermal Hot Springs and Geysers in Yellowstone, USA
Ice Cave, Lake Baikal, Russia
Black Beach, Vik, Iceland
Igazu Waterfalls with Sunset, Brazil
Sunrise in Oregon's Mr. Jefferson Wilerness, USA
Mesa Arch Sunrise, Canyonlands National Park, USA
Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Java, Indonesia
Start rails about Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon National Park, USA
Huangshan, Anhui Province, China
Robin Hoods Bay Sunrise, North York Moors National Park, UK
Kilauea Volcano Erupting, Hawaii, USA
Northen Lights about Hvitserkur, Iceleland

Specification: Kalpa calendar from January to December 2023
Dimensions: 32 x 45 cm


Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 450

Breedte: 320



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