C277-23-24-25 Hot Sexy Calendar 2023 2024 2025

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C277-23-24-25 Hot Sexy Calendar 2023 2024 2025

I have been working on photography for six years. I am an engineer from training. Harmony and aesthetics, atmosphere and plot ... That is the most important thing for me in the photography genre. And of course natural, unpretentious feminine beauty. Process my photos to show that a woman can be incredibly sexy and beautiful - between the usual household settings in the simplest clothing ... Without loud makeup and revealing dresses ... After all, beauty saves the world.


- Bound with a spiral
- Dimensions calendar 34 x 48.5 cm

- CutePinUps 31.5 x 45 cm
- Calendar from January 2023 to December 2025
- Printed on environmentally friendly FCS certified paper.


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Lengte: 490

Breedte: 340