RIN-23-24 Dutch Farmer Girls Calendar 2023 + Top Girls 2024

€19,95 EUR

Farmer Girls 2023 + Top Girls 2024 Wall Calendars (2in1)

Farmer's Calendar Girls deserves a party in their 12th year.

The size of the Dutch Farmer Girls Calendar is 24 x 33 cm. 

Top Girl 2024 has a larger size of 32 x 49 cm.

Since 2011, female farmers from all corners of the Netherlands and Belgium have been paying tribute to our food makers. They do this by drawing attention to the agricultural sector and unjustified prejudices about farmers and female farmers in a sexy way. This 12th edition of the Farmer's Wife Calendar has become a splendid copy. Hang this twelfth edition on your wall and enjoy a year of beautiful and sexy female farmers.

In addition, you will get the sparking Top Girls 2024 for free. Twelve images of young ladies exposing their full glory.

You can only buy Top Girls 2024 calendar if you like.

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Hoogte: 10

Lengte: 330

Breedte: 240


Kleur: Boerin-23-24

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