1116-72 Personal Planner Binder Clipbook Pastel Pink Green

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Personal Planner Binder Pastel Pink Green Features:

  • FLEXIBLE: You can easily arrange the way of your usage according to your needs.
  • SECURE: All your personal data is protected. In a digital environment, your data could easily be leaked, but paper is safe.
  • WELL-ORGANIZED: On a week per 2 pages layout, you could easily plan your week at one sight.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: The high-quality organizer could be used for many years by only changing the refill according to the year.
  • COMPATIBLE: The organizer is compatible with Filofax, Succes and many other brands' organizer refills.

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By Kalpa

We are introducing the ultra-slim Personal Planner Binder, with a 26% thinner profile for a chic and sophisticated appeal.

Make room for more with the compact Personal Planner Binder, designed to effortlessly save space in your bag.

Unleash your creativity with ample writing space provided by the Personal Planner Binder Gloss Croco Taupe.

Elevate your note-taking experience with the Kalpa planner binder's unique fully-flat design for ultimate ease.

Optimize your daily organization with the 20% shorter planner binder that accommodates one day per page layout.

Savour the perfect combination of style and durability with the thin yet rigid cover of the Gloss Croco Taupe planner binder.

Stay ahead of the game with complimentary multi-year agenda refills, ensuring you're prepared for the future by adding a new Kalpa Clipbook Planner Refill.

The planner is made of high-quality artificial leather. This Personal Planner Binder Clipbook contains no animal materials.

Pastel Pink Green Personal Planner Binder Clipbook Features:

Our latest Personal Planner Binder Clipbook is the perfect solution for keeping your life organized in style! With its compact dimensions of 170 x 95mm, this product is perfect for those who are always on the go.

Featuring an outdoor measurement of 19cm in length, 12.5cm in width, and 2.6cm in height, this Personal Planner Binder Clipbook is sleek, stylish, and functional.

It contains 160 pages, each leaf to the size of the organizer with six holes, making it compatible with the ring mechanism of Succes, Filofax and many other well-known brands.

This Personal Planner Binder Clipbook comes delivered in 1 week on two pages, making it perfect for those who need to plan their lives. With its tabs, transparent zip, page separator, notepads, and address booklet, this product offers you all the organization you need in one convenient package.

You'll also find plenty of room for a calendar, planner, and personal data usage for the recent and upcoming years. Plus, with its multi-year Personal Planner Binder Clipbook Refills, you can keep your life organized for years.

Last but not least, this Personal Planner Binder Clipbook mentions many important religious, national, international, and memorial days, helping you stay informed and prepared for any occasion.

And while it used to be called the "standard" size, we've now adopted the international name of "Personal" to make it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your organizational needs.

Don't wait any longer - order yours today and start organizing your life with ease!


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