1011-79 A5 Organiser Flower of the Fallen City

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By Kalpa

A5 Size Agenda Organizer

Free multi-year Agenda Organizer refills come with the Agenda Organizer

Writing space in large amount is avaliable.

You could easily adjust the layout of your A5 Agenda Organizer to your way of working with the ring mechanism.

You can simply take your important notes in your organizer if you add a new A5 Agenda Organizer Refill.

The organizer is made of high-quality artificial leather. This Agenda Organizer contains no animal materials.

Fallen City A5 Agenda Organizer Features:

* Magnetic clip.
* Has room for 5 credit cards, business cards and a large container for papers.
* There is room for an A5 notepad on the right.
* The maximum dimension for a smartphone is 190x100mm.
* A room for a pen is reserved.
* Fully compatible with Success and Filofax.
* Organizer exterior size: 230x195x45 mm.
* Dimensions for A5 Agenda Organizer Organizer paper: 210x145 mm.
* The Agenda Organizer organizer comes with a multi-year Agenda Organizer content.
* The organizer is equipped with tabs, transparent zip, page separator, notepads and address booklet.
* Space for personal data, calendars and planners is reserved.
* Mentions many important religious, national, international and memorial days.


Hoogte: 230

Lengte: 50

Breedte: 190


Kleur: beige

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