6327-24 Senior Binder Refills Complete Set NL 2024

Senior Binder Refills Top Specifications:

  • PAGE LAYOUT: You can organize your whole week with one look at a week per 2 pages layout.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Succes and Filofax.
  • FORMAT: Senior Size, 95x150 mm.
  • NUMBER of PAGES: 160.
  • COMPLETE SET: Includes a Storage Box with Plastic Page Separator, 5 Blue Plastic Tabs and Address Set.

By Kalpa

Senior Binder Weekly Refill Specifications:

Senior Binder Refill Year: 2024.

Dimensions: 95x150 mm.

Ring Distance (mm): 19 - 19 - 38 - 19 - 19.

White Paper, Blue Printing.

Number of Pages: 160.

Page Layout: 1 week per 2 pages.

Time Format: 08:00 - 18:00.

Calendar: 2024 - 2025.

Language: Dutch.

Senior Binder Refill Complete Set Includes:

Storage Box.

Plastic Page Separator.
5 Blue Plastic Tabs.
Address Set.

The Kalpa Senior Binder Weekly Refills are compatible with Succes and Filofax Senior Binders.


Hoogte: 14

Lengte: 170

Breedte: 100


Kleur: White

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