ONL25032 Switch Writing Set For Beginners Black Left -handed

€28,99 EUR

The Switch Starter Set of Online helps you learn to write. The set consists of a beginners fountain pen with an interchangeable beginners rollerball grip, perfect for the individual writing style for each beginner. Both the fountain pen with the iridium point L (beginners, left -handed), and the roller ball with solid bullet guarantee a soft and smooth writing feeling. Refillable with standard ink patterns is easy and cheap. The weight of the pen is just right for every beginner before use during every school day.

The Switch Starter has a high -thriving stylus point, which slides softly and simply over a touchscreen. Spcial GRIP zones ensure secure placement of the pen and support the beginner when practicing on a tablet.

A set of guaranteed online quality from Germany.


Hoogte: 30

Lengte: 180

Breedte: 60



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