CA03-23 ​​Writing calendar 2023 horses 30 x 30 cm

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Calendar from January to December 2023

The Kalpa wall calendar contains the most beautiful horses. Whether you ride a horse daily or not, you will still admire them and feel love for these beautiful animals. Horses simply fascinate us because of their temperamence and their elegance.

Each horse can surprise you with its ingenuity when he or she is photographed. Every horse wants to show something different.

The mood of a horse will constantly change, which will be expressed when they are photographed. Every photo of a horse is therefore unique, even when photographing the same horse.

The calendar has a spiral and sturdy cardboard in the spiral. As a result, the calendar hangs straight, and does not tear it out that quickly, like other 30 x 30 calendars.

There is room for daily notes and special stickers to notice special events!

Printed on FSC certified paper, this is environmentally friendly. Size 30 x 30 cm



Height: 10

Length: 300

Width: 300




To the right of the photo you see it "Make a choice" Drowdown menu. Here you can choose between day agenda, weekly agenda, year, language, other content such as drawing paper or no content.

Beautiful A5 Organizer with magnetic clip. There is room inside on the left area for 5 (credit) cards and business cards and a larger papers. There are two boxes for, for example, a smartphone on the right side. Maximum Size Smartphone is 190 x 100 mm. There is room for a pen under the closing clip. The ring mechanism, of high quality, is compatible with success and filofax.

Outside size Organizer: 230 x 195 x 45 mm. Size paper in A5 agenda: 210 x 145 mm.

This organizer is supplied incl. 1 week agenda on 2 pages.

The Organizer has tabs, page separator, note leaves and address booklet. The calendarium contains space for personal data, calendars and planners for current and next year. The individual days also state a lot of religious and (inter) national festive and commemorative days.

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