ONT19089 5 Metallic callibrush pens double point in bamboo box

€24,99 EUR

Calli.brush pens with double point for creative writing and designs with calligraphy point and brush in the same color. The metallic calli.brush pens with double point are especially suitable for dark paper.
The calli.brush pens excel in quality: the stable, durable brush and the calligraphy point make an infinite amount of variations possible in letters and designs.

Now also available in 5 metallic colors, which have the beautiful effect especially on dark paper. The perfectly coordinated colors of gold, silver, metallic green, red and blue make creative work and combine possible. These pens are handy in a bamboo box and are also ideal as a gift.

- Double point with calligraphy and brush point
- Metallic effect especially for dark quality paper
- usable on dark and light paper
- These pens must be stored horizontally

A set of guaranteed online quality from Germany.


Hoogte: 20

Lengte: 190

Breedte: 70



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