If you have decided to go for a loose -leaf agenda, then there are still a few choices. The design is of course personal, we can only help with that by offering a variety of designs. The most important decision is which size you are going to use. In total there are 5 (standardized) sizes where the agenda fillings of most brands are interchangeable. Each size has specific advantages and disadvantages and not just because they are larger or smaller. Read on to see how we can help with the choice.

The 5 most common sizes are known among different names, we only use the most famous name below. A
list of the sizes from small to large:

The Mini Organizer is the smallest of all and is often considered too small. Due to the small dimensions, it is not possible to get a filling with the 1 -day layout, because the ring binder would then become too thick. This also applies to accessories, you can't put any extra folders or lots of extra notepads in it. The absolute one
The advantage of the mini is already in the name, the organizer itself is extremely compact with dimensions of 12 x 10 cm. The mini is special because the size of the rings is not standardized. Filofax and success fillings are therefore not interchangeable. By making smart use of extra wide holes at 4 of the 5 rings, Kalpa Mini agenda fillings are suitable for all mini organizers[OH1]And the filling is still firmly in the organizer.

The pocket (junior) organizer is just a size larger than the mini, 2 cm higher and 1 cm wider paper. This makes the pocket a lot more practical, while the dimensions are limited. The distance between
The rings are standardized, so agenda fillings of all brands are interchangeable. For the pocket organizers, both agenda fillings with a day per page or a week per 2 pages are available. Because the pocket has a larger ring binder, we also offer accessories for the pocket such as extra notepads, Bullet Journal and Rittuzoesjes. Kalpa offers the Innovative "compact" variant also for the pocket size[OH2], making the organizer about a lot thinner than the normal personal organizers. If you don't want to spend a lot of space in your bag, but want to have enough space in the agenda, the pocket is the right choice.

The Senior Organizer has only been introduced in the Netherlands in the past. As a result, the senior actually falls outside the other
Categories, because there is simply less choice in organizers and agenda fillings. We see the demand for the senior size decreasing rapidly, but we continue to deliver agenda fillings (1 day per page and 1 week per 2 pages) as long as necessary.

The personal (or standard) size benefits from the decreasing demand to the senior. This is one of the most popular sizes and understandable too, because the personal is only 2 cm higher and as wide as the senior. But therefore much more practical to use. The personal is the
Gulden Middenweg between the pocket that is handy for on the road and the A5 that is ideal for the desk or on the kitchen table. The distance between the rings is standardized, so agenda fillings of all brands are interchangeable. Choose the pocket if you need more space for notes and agreements, but the organizer often takes on the road. Kalpa offers the innovative "Compact" variant also for the personal size[OH3], making the organizer about a quarter thinner than the normal personal organizers.

Finally, the A5 organizer, you will never be short of space here. This size is excellent for use as a desk agenda or family planner, but probably too big to always be with you
to carry. If you still take the agenda with you, choose the innovative "Compact" variant of Kalpa[OH4], this is more than 30% thinner than an ordinary A5 organizer. With a agenda filling
From 1 day per page there is a sea of ​​room for appointments, tasks, notes and doodles, while the agenda filling with a week on 2 pages still offers a lot of writing space, but reflects the week at a glance. The distance between the rings is standardized, so agenda fillings of all brands are interchangeable. Choose the size A5 if you need a lot of space and the agenda is often in a fixed place. Or if there is enough space in your bag.

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