Agendas come in many shapes and sizes, if you use a paper agenda there is a lot of choice in the type, design and size. The two most important species are the loose -leaf agenda, or organizer, and the
Bound agenda. For both species there is a lot of choice in the market, where both personal preference and practical application determine the choice. We list the advantages and disadvantages for you.

As the name suggests, a bound agenda has been made as a kind of booklet, where the layout is fixed and cannot be adjusted. The loose -leaf agenda consists of one Cover or organizer that the cover[OH1]Forms for the agenda. The organizer has a ring binder that is simple
You can open and closed to place the filling in the organizer.

The advantage of a bound agenda is that in the same size they can often be more compact than the loose -leaf agenda, because the ring binder is missing with the bound agenda. The advantage of an organizer is that it is always open flat on the right page. To solve this problem, there are also bound agendas with a ring binder or Wire-O, but then the bound agenda is almost no more thinner than an organizer.

The organizer, on the other hand, gives much more flexibility. Because the ring binder can easily be opened and closed, additional notepads with notes or sketches can easily be added to the right place in the agenda. You can even for some reason then
Also replace pages if you have an extra filling. But there are many more options, Kalpa also supplies pages for organizers, folders for business cards, pipers, extra notepads and so on.

The loose -leaf agenda can therefore be organized entirely to your own discretion, where there is also a choice between a layout per day or a layout per week on two pages.

Another important advantage of an organizer is that the transition to the new year is much easier. For example, you can already add the first months of the new year to the agenda in October and leave it in the agenda in the new year in the last months of the previous year. This makes the transition to the new year one
seamless experience and you don't have to bring two agendas around the
New years eve. You no longer have to write your addresses and birthday calendar every year, because you just leave them in the organizer for the following year.

It is clear that the bound agenda and the loose-leaf agenda each have their own advantages and disadvantages, whereby the loose-leaf agenda, in our opinion, jumps out due to the great flexibility. The advantage
Of the bound agenda, it can be a bit thinner due to the lack of the ring binder. Although Kalpa has largely solved this problem with the innovative Compact Organizer[OH2], which is almost as thin as a bound agenda because of its smart design! Finally, an organizer is considered more a stylish agenda
Then a simple bound copy.

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