You need your appointments and notes in one
Capture paper agenda or digitally? That depends entirely on your own wishes. Many people keep agreements and tasks both digitally and on paper, and there are good reasons for that.

When the digital agenda made its appearance, many predicted the end of the paper. However, the paper agenda has never been gone and has even made a surprising come-back. Read on why!

Every professional does make a digital agenda in one way or another† Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Apple Calendar[OH1]are almost indispensable. Especially for sharing
Agreements, notes and tasks are the digital variants very useful.

However, many people find a paper agenda clearer. You have the week at a glance. When you browse through your agenda, it is easier to find appointments or notes. In addition, you can use your own style and system of notes on paper, such as arrows, circles, drawings or whatever you like.

An important advantage is that a paper agenda offers the most privacy. This cannot be hacked and all notes and notes are really for yourself.

The paper agenda is often also practical, because when you are on the phone you often also have your digital agenda on your ear. While you are calling, it is easy to browse your schedule and note appointments without having to make the phone off your ear. At a later time you can then take over the agreements in the digital agenda when that is desired.

The disadvantage of a paper agenda is of course that you have to take this extra with you, so the size of the agenda can also play a role in the choice.

Both the digital and the paper agenda are useful tools, where everyone has their own preference. But often they are also used together, because each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

 [OH1]Good for the SEO to name it